GOP Gov. Met With Domestic Terrorists


paul-lepage-the-republican-governor-of-maine1Paul LePage, the Republican governor of Maine, has met repeatedly for with members of a militia movement, labeled as domestic terrorists by the FBI.

The Sovereign Citizens group, also known as the Constitutional Coalition, has claimed that Sandy Hook was a “false flag” operation to help enable a “holocaust against America’s Christian population.” It calls any currency besides gold and silver “unconstitutional.” Despite these wild claims, the group had requested a number of meetings with LePage in the past and had always been ignored by his staff. But once LePage found out that they wanted to meet with him, he went out of his way to set up a total of eight meetings.

At the first meeting, LePage and members of the group discussed a range of topics, including a joint United Nations-Rockefeller plot to take over Maine’s North Woods. Most disturbing was the group’s push to have two top Democrats in the legislature, the House speaker and Senate president, arrested for “high treason.” In response, LePage then apparently said “they’re talking about hanging them.” LePage apparently helped the Sovereign Citizens in their effort to make this happen by trying to enlist a county sheriff to intervene with the state attorney general. After that failed, they talked to LePage about setting up special “common law” courts to try the Democrats, since, in their opinion, current state courts were illegitimate because they practice admiralty law (this is proven by gold fringe on flags in the courtroom).

LePage¬†pushed back against Tipping’s reporting and denied discussing treason or execution.

The Tea Party governor won election in 2010 with only 38% of the vote in a three-way race. Since taking office, he’s made a slew of crude remarks. LePage has said the Maine NAACP could “kiss my butt“, that President Obama “hates white people,” and a made a rape joke involving a Democrat.¬†Read more at Bangor Daily News.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. None of this sounds like terrorism to me. If you search online, you’ll find one or two people who identify with this movement (nationwide, not in Maine) that have engaged in violence. The vast majority seem to be crazy conspiracy theorists who have a penchant for running afoul of the IRS.

  2. Agree with #1: This is a classic anti Tea Party HATCHET JOB piece by a lefty columnist at the Bangor Daily News. They make sure to connote and label “Tea Party” with smears of racism, violence, and terrorism as often as possible.

    Of course the radical leftists who organized “Occupy Wall Street” never engage in domestic terrorism and violence, right? Just because they burned dumpsters, destroyed police cars, and violated permit laws — among other things — means that they are squeaky clean to the columnist in the Bangor Daily News.

    This columnist simply resorted to the Sol Alinsky attack and smear tactic to do whatever he could to slime the “Tea Party” and Governor LaPage.

  3. When did Article I Section X of the US Constitution become a “Wild claim”? Just because the government and the bankers remain unpunished for this violation of law, doesn’t make it go away.

    This article is textbook propaganda journalism, an example Hitler would be proud of. Whoever believes this dribble is an acting accomplice to the crimes against humanity made by the federal Reserve, IMF and their cronies for fraud, theft and human slavery.


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