Google CEO: Fake News Could’ve Swung Election


Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the scourge of fake news on the internet could have swung the presidential election in Donald Trump’s direction.

“Look, it is important to remember this was a very close election and so, just for me, so looking at it scientifically, one in a 100 voters voting one way or the other swings the election either way,” Pichai said in an interview with the BBC, adding that Google is “doing better” to combat fake news sites on its search results. In recent days, the company has moved to prohibit fake-news sites from using Google’s platform for its ads. Read more at BBC NEWS.



  1. Who will determine what’s fake news? A bunch of liberal Google employees?! Will they ever classify CNN and NY Times as fake? Obviously the entire set up is for Google to censor the conservatives. Google is a monopoly that has to be brought down.


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