Gold: The Clock is Ticking On the Three Kidnapped Teens


dore-goldFormer Israeli UN Ambassador Dore Gold, today an advisor to the prime minister of Israel, discussed the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers on BBC News.

Q: How can Israel blame the Palestinians if the teenagers went missing in Israeli-controlled territory?

Gold: If al-Qaeda struck New York in 2001 and the attack came from Afghanistan, you don’t look for the problem in New York City. The terrorists came out of territory under the control of the Palestinian Authority, which means that the Palestinian Authority itself and Mahmoud Abbas are directly responsible for these events.

Q: The Palestinians say the detention of scores of people across the West Bank is a collective punishment against the entire Palestinian people.

Gold: We have three young people whose lives are in danger and we will have to move in any way possible to get that information to find out where those three teenagers are. The clock is ticking.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. as long as no-one claims resposibility, it’s called missing, but for the cold fact that the police received a call from one of the boys

  2. seriously? bbc needs to regroup – they are not missing, if hamas-fatah had nothing to do with the kidnappings im sure they would be assisting in the rescue of the boys to prove their innocence and to stop the arrest of dozens of senior hamas terrorists


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