GM, 26 Other Big Companies Paid No Taxes


General Motors and United Continental are among the 27 U.S. major companies that reportedly paid no income-tax expenses in 2015—despite reporting pre-tax profits—based on USA Today’s analysis of data from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The paper’s analysis didn’t include firms that lost money in 2015, because those would not need to pay taxes. Still, shares of the companies that profited and then paid no taxes are down about 11 percent on average over the past year. Read more at USA Today.



  1. Tax laws allows companies to carry forward net losses to subsequent years. These corporations that did not pay income tax for net corporate income earned in 2015 has losses that were from prior years and which may be detected in the years that they did have net income.

    Not to allow corporation to deduct net losses from prior years would discourage corporate investment. Why take a risk of loss for the anticipation of long term net income, if those early losses can not be deducted in later years.

    Furthermore, these large corporations employ millions of people. Although it is true that the corporations may not pay income taxes each years, they contribute many billions of dollars in federal payroll taxes and federal excise taxes as well as heavy state and local taxes.


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