Giuliani Knocks Romney, Likens Gingrich to Reagan


giuliani2Speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani praised Newt Gingrich and criticized Mitt Romney as a flip-flopper.

“I’ve never seen a guy change his positions on so many things, so fast, on a dime, on everything,” Giuliani said about the former Massachusetts governor. “Pro-choice, pro-life. And pro-choice because somebody, a close friend, died, and he became pro-choice because this woman died of an abortion. Then he figures out there are embryos and he changes.

“Then he was pro-gun control,” Giuliani opined. “Fine. Then he becomes a lifetime member of the NRA. Then he was pro cap and trade. Now he’s against cap and trade. He was pro-mandate for the whole country, then he becomes anti-mandate and he takes that page out of his book and republishes the book. I could go on and on.”

Giuliani concluded that Romney is a “man that will say anything to become president of the United States.”

Meanwhile, the 9/11 icon likened Gingrich to Ronald Reagan.

“I kind of go back to 1980 and I remember the Carter White House just dying [to run against] Ronald Reagan,” Giuliani said. “Ronald Reagan was the dumb actor, Ronald Reagan said incendiary things, Ronald Reagan was like Newt – gosh, you never knew what he was going to say and the whole world would go crazy – The New York Times would write editorials. There was Bush, greatest resume of anyone who ever ran for president, solid citizen. They got Reagan and they got trounced.”

Giuliani continued: “I think Newt has a much more consistent position as a conservative, with some real exceptions like Ronald Reagan had. Ronald Reagan signed a bill that made abortion legal in the state of California. Ronald Reagan did in fact raise taxes several times, not just as president, but also as governor of California.”

Giuliani also talked about electibility.

“It may be that Newt is appealing to some that maybe Mitt isn’t appealing to,” Giuliani explained. “There’s something wrong when you’ve been running as long as Mitt has and you’re at 25 percent, and you don’t go much below, and you don’t go much above. Seventy-five percent of the other Republicans are telling you something.”

{Newsmax/ Newscenter}


  1. You have to wonder why some of these high profile republicans feel that when endorsing one of them they have to trash the other. It’s anyone’s guess who will ultimately be the nominee Newt or Mitt, so why not play it safe and either remain neutral or endorse one without trashing the other. What if Mitt is the nominee and then goes on to become the president, Rudy is going to be kept out of anything and everything with a Romney administration, so why burn your bridges.

  2. #1, Giuliani still has hard feelings from ’08. He’s been knocking Mitt all cycle. And you’re absolutely right that he’s being stupid.


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