Gingrich: If Trump Becomes ‘Reasonable,’ He Will Have ‘Failed’


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned the Trump administration cannot succeed if it decides to become reasonable, Newsmax reports.

“There are lots of things that are going to come up to slow them down and stop them: the bureaucracy, the regulations, the lobbyists, the news media,” he told Spiegel Online. “The total weight of everything that tries to stop them from changing things will be so great that there is a danger that the Trump administration will back up and decide to be reasonable. If they decide to become reasonable, they will have failed,” he added.

“Remember, most of the bureaucrats voted for Hillary Clinton. Most of the bureaucrats deeply dislike what Trump is trying to accomplish, and most of the bureaucrats think they can’t be fired, so they can outlast you.”




  1. I am very grateful that Newt is not our veep, or a significant cabinet member.
    The conventional wisdom, which I had till last summer subscribed to, is that like him or not, he’s a really smart guy and good to have around, but this campaign has shown otherwise IMO.


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