Get Ready to Roast: NYC Temperatures in the 90s All Week


hotNY – Break out the ice cream and crank up the air conditioner. While this July has not been as brutal as last year, a heat wave is on the way this week.

Expect a high of at least 90 degrees with punishing humidity that will smother the city for the next seven days, according to The mercury is expected to top out at 96 degrees on Friday.

The average temperature in the city for the month so far is 78 degrees, 2.1 degrees above the normal average, said Dave Samuhel, a senior meteorologist for

Last July, the average temperature – which combines each day’s high and low – was 81.3, just short of the 81.4-degree previous record high reached in 1999.

“We are behind last year’s pace,” Samuhel added.

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. Spend your Summer in Seattle, the whole city is air conditioned. Today the high temperature is a comfortable 74 degrees.

  2. It always rains in Seattle. I wonder if that’s why the suicide rate there is so high. Yerushalayim is a much better choice.


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