Gerer Chossid Donates His Kidney to Patient #613


Five years ago, Yossi remembers repeatedly seeing a newspaper advertisement for someone in desperate need of a kidney – blood type O. Himself being blood type O, Yossi decided right then that when the right time comes he wants to help someone in need by donating one of his kidneys.

Three years ago, a neighbor of his was diagnosed with end-stage-renal-failure and had to start undergoing dialysis. Yossi immediately called Renewal and said he wants to be his kidney donor. That patient happens to be the easy-to-remember Renewal patient number R613. Over the next three years, despite his recipient having to undergo various medical procedures to be able to undergo a kidney transplant, Yossi would periodically touch base with Renewal and remind us he still wishes to donate to patient R613.

He got his with this morning.

Yossi’s mother, who came this morning to the hospital to support her son and daughter-in-law, proclaimed Yossi as a ‘Yosef Hatzaddik.’

Yossi is the third Gerrer Chossid to donate a kidney through Renewal. Yossi is a lawyer and father of five who, his wife says, spends his free time learning Torah.

Due to Yossi’s selflessness, Tzvi will now receive a new lease on life.

Please take the time to daven and say Tehillim for the success of the kidney transplant. The donor’s name is Yehuda Yosef ben Leah. The recipient’s name is Tzvi Aron ben Shulamis.



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