‘Gaddafi is Jewish and I’m His Cousin’


gaddafi1-cousinThere have been rumors in the past about Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s Jewish roots, and now it seems to be confirmed. Israel National News TV met with Gita Boaron, who claims that the Libyan dictator is indeed Jewish and that she is a distant cousin.

“Qaddafi’s grandmother is my grandmother’s sister,” explained Boaron. “His grandmother is my father’s grandmother. She was Jewish, became Muslim and married the town sheikh. She had children and he’s her grandson so he’s considered Jewish because his mother was born to a Jewish mother. So it means he’s Jewish.”

Boaron, who heard the story about Qaddafi’s Jewish roots from her mother as she was growing up, said that her family has never even considered getting closer to Qaddafi, since “There’s no place like Israel,” as she put it.

She noted that it is only recently that Qaddafi has really become anti-Jewish.

“He always loved the Jews and didn’t do anything bad to them,” she said. “The moment he started to speak against the Jews, I said: ‘Just wait. He’ll get what’s coming to him.’ Two weeks later the protests started there.”

Boaron noted the historically good connections that Qaddafi had with the Jewish people. “They say he had connections with the Jews. His son is going to marry a Jewish woman, maybe he already married her. It was in the media, that his son married a Jewish woman from Italy or France.”

She described the current situation in the Arab world as “chaos. One eats the other. May they eat one another and not us.”

{Arutz Shevah/Matzav.com}


  1. Just great.

    Just what the anti-semites need to hear.

    Saddam Hussein’s mother had a Jewish neighbor who helped during her pregnancy.

    Mahmood Ahmadenijad was born jewish.

    Muamar Gaddafi is Jewish

    Even Hitler y’sh had a Jewish grandparent.

    These are things that shoul be kept secret and not publicized.

  2. Why would you even think of putting this on your website, so that thrill seekers, blame us again? Isn’t there enough that they blame us for, you don’t have to ignite the the fire,it’s lit already,—- and how. The anti Jew, and Israel is out there in full force: Just yesterday one of the designers was fired from Dior, for his slurs against, yidden. So lets be careful as to what we put on the news: Your website has much more to offer—- Like seeing The Satmar Rebbe in Lakewood etc. etc.

  3. I’ve said that a long time ago and keep reiterating..why we put things on the website that don’t bid well for us. For you moderaters,please use “seichel” before you print not only the articles but also the comments from people (our own “leider”)who disparage their own.In the name of Altruism, and of course anonymously, they berate what people do, be it in Williamsburg, B.P. Flatbush, or anywhere yidden live. If they have any complaints…take it to the right people instead of on a public forum!!
    I have written in many times….and to be honest,I am more concerned with what people write about us here than about Gaddafi.Lest we all get into big trouble!!(and, of course, they have never done anything that warrants change!)
    Worse when yidden hate one another and don’t fargin…than anything in the world!

  4. We are a unique nation. Among many other things, we are unique in our integrity and honesty. We dont revise the history of our forefathers. We tell it like it is, for good or bad. This is a small piece of information. We should not worry about the antisemite not being an antisemite “If we only hide such and such information..etc.” My concern is how verifiable this is. Rumors are no good and can be passed around as fact. In this case, its just a curiosity and a possibly irony with some meaning to it.

  5. He must be from the tribe of ‘Khan’. He is related to faragarbagekhan. Distant cousin to achmidininutjob. Direct descendent of “Yes we Khan”.

  6. We should all realize that all that happens in all corners of the world is because of us. For this reason jews will always be found in positions of prominence and at the center of every controversy; from Hollywood to WalStreet to libya and beyond . . . may we be zocheh to geulah very soon…

  7. balony he must b cousins w che ghevara 10x removed {he was also rumored to b jewish} may all sonei yisrael b removed to gehinom

  8. ““Qaddafi’s grandmother is my grandmother’s sister,” explained Boaron. “His grandmother is my father’s grandmother.”

    What naarishkeit! What she is saying is that Daffy’s grandmother is both her Great Aunt and her Great Grandmother. That could only be if Daffy’s Grandmother had relations with her father and gave birth to her own sister.

    Either the woman is loopy or the quotes are wrong but in any case it’s worthless drivel.

  9. Even if the Grandmothers are half sister
    then Daffy’s Grandmother’s son would have had to marry his Aunt.

    It’s still drivel.

  10. I heard this before it was posted from someone, who related that their co-worker told them this.
    Just because you may not like what he is doing, he is still a jew ( I believe that he is). The second Bais Hamikdash was destroyed for sinaas chinam-what are we doing to ourselves? don’t we all want mashiach now?!


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