FYI – Internet Speak Now Included in Dictionary


oxford-dictionaryO-M-G! — Internet-speak is finally getting recognized in the dictionary. Editors of the Oxford English Dictionary have added this and several other controversial items to their online edition.

Among the new words made popular by texting and online chat:

O-M-G, an abbreviation for “oh my gosh” or “oh my God.”

L-O-L, meaning “laughing out loud.”

F-Y-I, short for “for your information.”

And the “heart” symbol, as in “I heart New York” or “I heart you,” which of course means “love.”

For those who prefer using fully-spelled-out words, there’s new addition “muffin top,” meaning “a roll of flesh which hangs visibly over a person’s tight-fitting waistband”.

Also add “dot-bomb,” for an internet company that goes under.



  1. Actually, FYI was around well before the internet. The fictional news program on Murphy Brown was called “FYI”

    The Wolf


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