Frum NJ Residents Should Protest for Funding for Yeshivos: $11 Million in Aid in Danger


school-busMany in the New Jersey frum community are gravely concerned over a new budget proposal for the state of New Jersey that will cut $11 million in funding to all nonpublic schools in the state. This cut, according to the OU, would include $7 million in technology grants that even if already promised, will be rescinded; a reduction if the 30 mile extension of bus zones to schools thereby returning the bussing back to the previous 20 mile zone for elementary schools and 25 mile zone for high schools; and by freezing the bussing reimbursement to nonpublic school parents at $884.00 per student.This is despite consistently demonstrating an equal need for this spending in our schools. At this time of economic disadvantage, the state threatens to make parents and children accept less and pay more. Frum residents of New Jersey myst tell their legislators that enough is enough.

Call now and tell your state Senator and/or Assemblyman to “provide fair and equal treatment to nonpublic schools in the state of New Jersey.” Click here to find out who your state Senator and/or Assemblyman are.

If every yeshiva and day school parent calls, there will be thousands of calls. If you reach a voicemail message, do not hang up. Stay on the line and leave a message after the tone. It is very important, because these offices track exactly how many people call on each issue and every single call makes a difference.

{Elisha Newscenter}


  1. so the lakewodd vaad has been misleading us all along – surprise!!! – according to this the funding for bussing comes from the state and theyve been telling us we pay so much taxes bec we get bussing

  2. How about asking before you spew nonsense and Sinah?

    A relatively small percentage of the busing budget comes from the State. The rest, including busing for ALL elementary school students within a mile (for HS 2 miles), are paid by local taxes.

  3. ALL such students are on the Township’s nickel.

    For the rest, the State makes the rules (such as the maximum ‘in-lieu’ amount of $884 for those who do not get busing because there is no route near them), but only pays a partial amount of the costs. This percentage has gotten smaller and smaller over time.


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