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 handDear Editor,

This past year, I have had the zechus to be learning in a yeshiva in Yerushalayim Ihr Hakodesh. The dirah I live in is in an apartment building full of lively families. Throughout the year, I have made friends with the families here and they have always been there to make us feel at home.

One of the children in my building is Avidan, a 12-year-old. This kid is now like a little brother to me. One day, Avidan visited my dirah with his father, who told me that he is going to America for the first time to raise $30,000 for Avidan’s surgery. I didn’t know what he was talking about. The father took off Avidan’s sock and showed me that his foot is misshapen and completely messed up.

Little did I know that this family has so many problems. Life is so hard for them. Avidan’s father is going to America to collect money, but, unfortunately, he is one of hundreds, or thousands, of Israelis who go to America each year to collect for their family debt or problem. I know this family personally. They have absolutely no food to put on the table and now the father has to pay for his son’s surgery, which insurance won’t cover and which will cost $30,000.

I want to help this man, his family, and Avidan, because when he gets to America, he will be going door to door for a month and probably not get even close to what he needs. He is in enough pain.

Iy”H, Avidan’s father will be arriving in the coming days to collect the funds needed for the surgery. I am asking of you to please help me make it easier for him so he doesn’t have to stay here for too long, by donating whatever amount you’re able to, so the surgery can be done as soon as possible.

Tizku L’mitzvos.

Chaim Zev Smith

To donate:

Text: 732.305.2999


Click HERE.

Or make a check payable to: Aniyei Amcha Fund and send it to 28 Cabinfield Circle, Lakewood NJ, 08701.

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  1. It would be helpful to have a name of a reputable rov who can vouch for this case before I send any money. Such information can only benefit your fund-raising efforts.

  2. >”…the father has to pay for his son’s surgery, which insurance won’t cover and which will cost $30,000.”

    >> I don’t understand. Every Israeli is entitled to necessary and essential health care services under National Health Insurance. This young boy has a severe deformity which can be rectified by surgery and insurance won’t cover it? I agree with commenter #2: an erliche rav needs to verify why insurance won’t pay before the klal in America and Israel is asked to help out.

  3. If u want to donate than donate, if u want ur rov to sign on it, hang on! when was the last tym u listened to ur rov anyways?


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