Four Major Jewish Food Companies Pledge to Keep Prices Down for Pesach


pesach-food-smallIn response to a letter sent earlier this month to the CEOs of leading kosher food companies, Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn today announced that four major distributors have agreed to reduce or maintain prices for their Pesach items this year.

Mr. Shia Friedman of Reisman Bakery has agreed to lower the price of Pesach baked goods and sell them to stores at a 15% discount. Messrs. David Weinberger of Golden Flow and Larry Farkas of Mehadrin Dairy have indicated that their respective milk prices will remain at their current levels. Mr. Schneur Bistritzky of Ahava Food Company told the Assemblyman that because of his commitment to his fellow Jews, and in light of the fiscal hardships confronting many in our community, Ahava has lowered its prices on a host of core items, including milk. Bistritzky said milk will be sold to stores for Pesach at a reduction of as much as 25 to 40 cents less per half gallon.

“I am heartened by the responsible actions these distributors have taken to ease the financial burden of those suffering in the Orthodox Jewish community,” Hikind said. “I am hopeful that their decision to either lower or maintain prices on food products for Pesach will inspire other major distributors to follow suit. These four companies are to be commended for doing the right thing in these trying economic times.”

{ Newscenter}


  1. I was in Shoprite (Brooklyn) last night and they are charging for Tasters Choice regular coffee, with a “GEFEN” seal/Hechsher for $12.99! Is that normal or is it Price Gouging of the highest order!?
    What a Chutzpah!!!

  2. I think they should target the Matzah bakeries and get them to lower their prices. If you want to define price gauging take a look at the inflated prices of Matzah and Arbah minim.

  3. Regarding Matzos or Daled Minim – when it comes to paying for a cheftza shel mitzva, many Gadolim were happy to pay whatever the cost, even at inflated prices. It shows that yidden are machshiv mitzvos. (And I am not in the matza or lulov business).

    But what about the pricey costs of a Borsollino hat??? And the price of a custom sheitel??? You can tear your hair out!

  4. I am from Brooklyn and the prices for Pesach are Mamish crazy…..why can’t the Rabbonim say something? they see how bad the economy is, why can’t they talk to Matzoh factories….and maybe they’ll get somewhere…..they think its a Hiddur Mitzva….. I don’t think Moshe Rabbeinu would allow this…..hey at least these companies have some Seichel….


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