Former Felder Staffer Eric Kuo Joins Team Greenfield as Senior Advisor


david-greenfieldNew York City Council candidate David Greenfield has announced that Eric Kuo will join his campaign team as a senior advisor. Eric previously worked as Communications and Legislative Director for former Councilman Simcha Felder, who recently left the Council to join Comptroller John Liu’s office. Additionally, Eric spent time working on Felder’s unsuccessful State Senate campaign.

“I am excited to have Eric join my team. His experience will help me get my message of making New York more affordable out to the voters in the district,” said Greenfield.

“I look forward to helping David Greenfield become next Council Member in the 44th District. David has been an effective fighter for the community and knows how to get results,” said Kuo. “He is the best candidate to succeed Simcha Felder and will be a valuable addition to the New York City Council.”

Eric will be assisting with communications and policy issues.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Eric Kuo ? Don’t sound like Boro Park to me. If he’s helped Feldr lose his sate senate bid, Kuo will now have the opportunity to help Greenfield fail in his council seat effort. Menachem Caller is ten time the mentsch. And Lazar is the only one with the long-term proven record. Lazar is also getting Berachos from leading Chassid Rebbes. Lazar can sit down and speak Yiddish and communicate with the Rebbes. Lazar can get guidance from Chassidishe rebbes while Greenfield is gettting guidance from Orientals that have proven to fail in helping campaigns in Boro Park. This is a no-brainer.

  2. In addition to Mr. Lazar and Mr.
    Greenfield, Mr. Nachman Caller is also
    running for the City Council seat.

    This is not an endorsement. But I think his candidacy deserves our attention. Mr. Caller is an attorney and respected member of the Haredi community. According to my sources,
    he is not beholden to anyone. So he would not have to be politically correct as defined by the Liberal establishment.

  3. Dreaming, One thing I could tell you. How not “Yiddish” Eric Kuo sounds to you, he has been more effective in the past eight years under Simcha Felder to benefit our community then the “Yiddish” speaking Dov Hikind pawn – Joe Lazar has been in the part three decades. Dov may have the establishment, but David has the people…

  4. Reb Nachman Caller is a very successful lawyer. A talmid chochom and a true ben Toira. He’s interested in one thing only, in helping the tzibbur. Raboisai we have an opportunity in making a kiddush Hashem. Let’s not loose it. Let’s change the face of politics.


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