Flights Cancelled as El Al Pilots Don’t Show Up for Work


elalFlights to New York and Brussels were cancelled this morning after pilots failed to turn up for work.

There were disruptions to El Al Airlines flights this morning because of action by the airline’s pilots. Two flights have been cancelled, to Brussels and to New York, and schedule changes were made to a flight to Barcelona.

El Al said in a statement, “Despite the labor agreement signed with the workers, including the pilots, the pilots are imposing sanctions and are not carrying out the tasks to which the company assigns them. As a result, flights are being disrupted. The company’s management has made every effort to avoid harm to passengers, but was forced to make changes this morning in flights to Barcelona, New York, and Brussels, because of the failure of pilots to turn up to work as decided.

“The company apologizes for the inconvenience to passengers and is working to find them solutions. The company calls on the pilots to report for work and to prevent harm to passengers.”





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