Flatbush Shomrim Catches Three Burglars This Week


flatbush-burglarsThe Flatbush Shomrim helped make three significant arrests this week. On Sunday morning, June 29, at approximately 4:30 AM while on patrol, members of the Flatbush Shomrim observed a male black at east 29 and ave P removing a package from the porch. They followed him for several blocks, where he proceeded to open the package. The 70 Police pct was contacted and an arrest was made. The package was from the US Post Office, which made it a federal crime!

On Wednesday morning July 2 at approximately 4:00 AM while on patrol, members of the Flatbush Shomrim together with anti- crime units of the 70 pct were responding to an alarm of a house at east 19 between Aves I and J where the perpetrator gained access to the house. He subsequently fled the premises and a canvass ensued. After a short while, a suspicious male was spotted in a car on the same block. He was questioned by the 70 pct crime unit and was arrested as the vehicle he was in was stolen.

Upon further investigating, the NYPD discovered 13 prior arrests for home break-ins including a “home invasion” where he tied up the family and terrorized them before robbing them. This was a very important arrest as an extremely active and dangerous criminal was taken off the streets.

Thursday morning July 3 at 4 AM, E. 29th St. between Quentin Rd. and Ave. R, Flatbush Shomrim members on patrol noticed a suspicious car with three people was circling a residential block. The car with 2 males and a female pulled into the driveway of a residence, and the 2 males went to the back of the home. Shomrim alerted the 61 Police Precinct, who arrived promptly and arrested the perpetrators. One male incredibly had 26 prior arrests, most for home burglaries.

According to Boruch Moskovitz, Executive Coordinator of Flatbush Shomrim, “these significant arrests will hopefully put a dent in the rash of burglaries that are taking place in our community, but caution is still advised, as there have been numerous home and business break-ins over the last few weeks as people are away on vacation.”

Shomrim strongly recommends the following precautions: Alarms must be on, Windows locked, Lights on timers, yard and driveways well lit, have neighbor park a car in your driveway and collect any flyers or mail, put a garbage can out on pickup day, be sure lawn is mowed and kept neat. Cameras are the most important crime fighting tool we have today, install one and be sure they are in working order.

The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition (FJCC) praised the excellent collaboration between the Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol and the NYPD which once again was instrumental in keeping our community safe.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. Moral of the story
    Each perp. Had previous arrests. 18 times 27 times its a joke and their laughing all the way to the bank


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