FJCC Important Safety Advisory


The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, FJCC has been involved in assisting a number of local families who have suffered home fires over this past summer.

One young Flatbush family that was renting in a private home, suffered an electrical fire 1:30 AM on a recent Motzoi Shabbos. B”H the smoke alarms alerted them and they managed to grab the children and escape in time, but lost all their possessions. Unfortunately, they did not have renters insurance.

It is important for all to be aware of the extreme importance of working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, which B”H actually saved lives.

The FJCC has become aware that many apartment and home renters do not have fire insurance. A renter’s policy is very inexpensive, as low as $150 for the year.

We strongly recommend that all renters appropriately insure their property and possessions. To contact the FJCC visit



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