Female Terrorist Shot After Trying to Stab Israeli Soldier in Chevron


burqa terroristA video showing young Palestinian woman moments before being shot by an Israeli soldier was circulated on social networks on Tuesday.

Hadeel al-Hashlamon was critically wounded after reportedly attempting to stab a soldier with a knife in Chevron – which a Palestinian witness denied on Wednesday.

She later died at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Yerushalayim.

Following the incident, the IDF said it had been handled according to protocol.

“The woman arrived at a police checkpoint and triggered the metal detector when she went through,” said the army. “She was told to stop and didn’t, she kept walking towards the soldiers and was told to stop again. Then gunfire was aimed at the floor, at which point she pulled out a knife, so she was shot in the leg. She then continued towards the soldiers and was shot again.”

A Palestinian witness disputed the account. Fawaz Abu Eisheh said Wednesday he was at the checkpoint and heard the troops ordering the woman to stop. She didn’t and they shot her in the leg.

Abu Eisheh said he thought there might be a language barrier and offered to translate.

But, he said, the woman was shot again and as she lay on the ground, a soldier fired “four, five bullets at her abdomen and chest.”

Hours before that incident on Tuesda, an explosion occurred near an IDF patrol following reports of disturbances in the Chevron area. Investigation after the blast, which occurred after IDF soldiers had exited their jeep, uncovered the body of a Palestinian.

The IDF believed the Palestinian, an Islamic Jihad operative, died while trying to throw a grenade at the soldiers.




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