Feldheim Releases Seams and Souls: A Dressing, Altering, And Sewing Guide For The Frum Woman


seams-and-souls-smallDo you ever ask yourself whether it is worthwhile to buy a great-looking outfit when you know that it is going to need a lot of alterations? Do you have several items in your closet that are unsuitable for wearing, but don’t know how they can be fixed?

Feldheim has recently released a book that is a comprehensive guide to sewing and shopping for clothing that conforms to the proper standard of tznius. It will help one  decide which clothing to buy and which to avoid or discard because they cannot be altered to meet halachic standards, plus it offers many creative solutions for tznius problems.

Whether you know or don’t know how to sew; whether you’re a novice, experienced sewer, somewhere in between, or wish to discuss certain ideas with your dressmaker, this guide, Feldheim says, contains everything you need to know to shop and alter garments in order to dress modestly.

seams-and-soulsThe book features:

– A hashkofah section on the topic of modesty.
-An explanation of sewing terms along with detailed, step-by-step, alteration instructions.
-A variety of creative tips and techniques for tznius solutions for sewers at all levels.
-250 modest, easy-to-follow diagrams for altering the most problematic parts of garments. 

{Matzav.com Newscenter}



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