Fatah Facebook Inciting Murder of Gershon Mesika


gershon mesikaAfter thwarting a terror stabbing on Sunday morning, former Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika has found himself the target of Palestinian incitement on social media, Arutz Sheva reports.

A female Palestinian terrorist attempted to stab pedestrians at Brigade Square in Shomron on Sunday morning when Mesika, who lives in Elon Moreh close to the intersection, plowed his car into her. Soldiers on duty then shot the terrorist, killing her on-site.

In a picture Fatah posted on Twitter, Mesika is shown with a target over his head. Alongside the picture is the caption, “The criminal Gershon Mesika who ran over a Palestinian girl at the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus.” The photo quickly circulated with one user re-tweeting it, writing Mesika was a “child killer,” Arutz Sheva reports.

Mesika has filed a complaint with the Israel Police following the online threats against him.

{Matzav.com Israel}



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