Facebook Valued at $65 Billion in New Investment


facebookInvestment firm General Atlantic is investing in Facebook, valuing the leading social network at $65 billion, representing a 30 percent boost from its last big investment in January, according to a report on CNBC.

General Atlantic is purchasing a block of roughly 2.5 million Facebook shares from former Facebook employees, giving the firm a 0.1 percent stake in the company, CNBC said.

The deal, which has not closed and requires approval from Facebook, would give General Atlantic a 0.1 percent stake in Facebook, according to the report.

General Atlantic declined to comment on the reports. Facebook did not immediately return requests for comment.

In January, Facebook said it had raised $1.5 billion from investors including Goldman Sachs and Digital Sky Technologies, as well as through a private offering to overseas investors conducted by Goldman Sachs, at a valuation of roughly $50 billion.

Facebook is the world’s No.1 Internet social network with more than 500 million users.

{Reuters/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. However, its only a paper value. As soon as some other alternative to Facebook comes around in the techie world, it will lose 90% of its value.

  2. To #1

    There have already been and there still are numerous alternatives to Facebook, however IMHO Facebook is by far the best social networking site.


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