Experts: It Would Take a Miracle to Defeat Mayor Bloomberg


bloomberg1A bottomless campaign chest, healthy approval ratings, the power of incumbency – how can Mayor Bloomberg lose?There’s no one answer, but plenty of guesses. A major scandal of some sort might have the power to thwart Bloomberg’s hopes for a third term, said David Birdsell of the Baruch College School of Public Affairs. “It would have to be something heinous, prurient or both – with photos,” Birdsell said. Barring that, a “detailed, high-profile conflicts disaster with Bloomberg LP” could do the trick, Birdsell guessed.

A Democratic operative offered another possible risk for the billionaire mayor: His highly advertised image as a skilled, successful manager could be hurt by “something that eats away at his ‘competence’ factor.

Bloomberg’s temperament could also come into play.

“I would try to push his buttons,” the operative said.

“Voters don’t see it, [but] he has a bit of a thin skin.”

Anything from a cringe-worthy verbal gaffe to a divisive race-based dispute could happen between now and November.

So Bloomberg’s campaign staff – publicly and privately – continues to say it’s no sure thing, even though 58% of Democrats and 57% of Republicans in a recent Marist poll said they liked the job he’s doing, and a full 81% think he works hard for the city. “We are working hard and don’t take anything for granted,” Bloomberg spokesman Howard Wolfson said.

Still, for most politicians, being in Bloomberg’s shoes would be a dream come true.

He was able to spend well over $80 million in each of his two previous runs and may well spend more this time.

Some observers – even those who plan to back Democrat William Thompson, the city controller, in his fight to best Bloomberg – suggest it would almost literally take a miracle to stop Bloomberg.

Former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer has a firsthand understanding of Bloomberg’s built-in upper hand. Ferrer, who’s now with Mercury Public Affairs, isn’t laying any bets against the mayor, who grossly outspent and beat him in 2005.

“I would say spending that kind of money immunizes you from the fallout of any mishap, blunder or scandal known to man- and womankind,” he said.

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. obviously if he has high approval ratings, than that IS “the will of the people”! (whether he spent money to convince them or not).


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