Exclusive Interview: Matzav.com Speaks With Reb Shlomo Hadarshan


reb-shlomo-hadarshan[Video] Matzav.com presents its next installment in its series of live webcasts and exclusive interviews. Reb Shlomo Hadarshan, the famous young badchan and inspiring speaker, sat down with Matzav.com to discuss his career and to perform various live impersonations for Matzav.com readers. The interview was conducted by Yossie Fried and filmed by Reel to Reel. Special thanks once again to Reb Mendy Werdyger and the entire Mostly Music and Aderet staff for graciously hosting the interview at Mostly Music on 13th Avenue in Boro Park.

Enjoy the full length interview during which Reb Shlomo impersonates Presidents Bush, Clinton and Reagan, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Shloime Dachs, Reb Abish Brodt, Yossele Rosenblatt, and others.

To watch the full interview, click on the Featured Videos screen at the right side of this page. To watch a short clip of the interview, click below:

To hear additional impersonations by Reb Shlomo Hadarshan, click here.

{ Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. yossi fried, good job interviewng it was sooo amazing, hartzig and chilling together with a knock


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