Error Kills Dozens of Hezbollah Fighters in Syrian Chemical Attack


Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida on Sunday cited diplomatic sources in Beirut saying dozens of Hezbollah fighters were killed last week in a chemical attack executed against them in error by Syrian air force. The report said that Syrian aircraft attacked by error the town of al-Ais south of Aleppo, Mojahedin reports.

The report said there were chemical burn marks on the bodies. “This is not the first incident to take place due to the coordination problems between the regime and the Russian army, Hezbollah and Iran,” the diplomatic source told Al Jarida, noting that “such incidents have been repeated since the Russians’ entry into the conflict.”

The diplomatic source raised concerns about the Syrian regime’s return to daily use of unconventional weapons.



  1. It’s Israel’s fault. It’s all because of Israeli settlement development and the Har Habayis issues! The UN will definitely condemn Israel for this!

  2. I honestly can’t remember a U.S. administration ever making a more hollow, weak and impotent threat than the one the Obama administration made to Syria’s Assad about there being a “Red line” that would be crossed if Assad used chemical weapons or other WMDs.
    On the other hand, it’s nice to see the vipers bite some of their own accidentally.


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