Erekat: Israel Will Release 26 Terrorists in 10 Days


saeb-erekatLong-serving Palestinian prisoners will be released in four stages by Israel, PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat said yesterday. ┬áThe first stage will see 26 prisoners released on August 13, the PLO official told Ma’an. Israel refused to release all detainees at the same time, he added.

The Palestinian leadership has informed Israel and the United States that all final status issues must be put on the negotiating table, including Jerusalem, refugees, water and settlements, Erekat said.

The prisoner release was approved by the Knesset last week and will see 104 Palestinian and Israeli-Palestinian prisoners freed.

Last week, the Palestinian Prisoners Society published a list of detainees expected to be freed as part of the deal.

Israel says the release is a gesture as the two sides agreed to meet to pave the way for their first direct talks in three years.

The next round of direct Israeli-Palestinian peace talks will take place in the region during the second week of August, Israel’s negotiator Tzipi Livni, said Saturday.

On Wednesday, Livni said she was “encouraged” by the first round of direct peace talks with the Palestinians held in Washington at the start of this week after months of dogged US diplomacy ended a three-year hiatus.

All major Palestinian political factions, with the exception of Fatah, have rallied against a return to negotiations.

Source: Ma’an News Agency

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  1. It’s time we all “buckle up” on our Tznius, enough is enough, we must improve our Tznius, when we do the tragedies will stop too

    Some of us may have other suggestions as how to make Hashem happy with our behaviour, the above is the suggestion that the Chofetz Chaim gave to Klall Yisroel in his times, it did not improve much since his days


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