Energy-Saving Light Bulbs Linked to Cancer


energy-saving-bulbsSpiral energy-saving light bulbs could cause cancer, German scientists have found.  They say the compact fluorescent lamp bulbs should not be left on for long as they send poison into the atmosphere when switched on, according to a report in Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

And in particular, the scientists warn, they should be kept away from people’s heads due to an “electrical smog” of phenol, naphthalene and styrene.

“For such carcinogenic substances it is important they are kept as far away as possible from the human environment,” warned Peter Braun, who carried out research in Berlin.

Fellow researcher Andreas Kirchner added: “They should not be used in unventilated areas and definitely not in the proximity of the head.”

Earlier this year an Israeli report suggested CFL bulbs could trigger breast cancer and there have been fears about the environmental damage they could cause if dumped in landfills.

Despite those worries – and the fact they can cost up to six times as much as traditional incandescent bulbs – the CFL bulbs are in wide use worldwide. They are said to cut energy costs significantly and have a much longer lifespan.

Congress passed a measure in 2007 to phase out incandescent bulbs completely by 2014.

{The Telegraph/ Newscenter}


  1. The bulbs are m ade with mercury! They have to be made in countries like China because we in the US have regulations against using mercury.

    If you break one of these bulbs you are supposed to call the CDC for how to clean up after breakage.

    Best just not to buy them to begin with. Especially with children.

  2. Scscience is tuma! These are the smae “scientists” who beleive in global warming and evolution. Or do we all of a sudden accept scienticts when their statments fit our agenda?

  3. Yankel,you’re right. I hope you never ask your wife….what the weather’s supposed to be like etc.because all that is also from the “tumadike” science!

  4. i have heard the debate over CFL for years now and i think there is reason to be concerned

    i have started to buy the newer Led lights (with “5050” leds) they give more light then CFL for 1/2 the power and if you shop ebay will cost less the $5 and can easily replace 10-20 watt CFL

    i am using 3 watt Led that are more then enough light for lamps halls and bathrooms
    like this one

  5. yankel- dont we accept scientists/ doctors when they tell us that we must be mechallel shabbos for someone because they are sick? (rema oc 328:5 and mb 17) or that they should eat on yom kippur? (mechaber oc 618:1 and mb 1.)

    we accept scientists when it comes to areas of pekuach nefesh. like cancer causing light bulbs.


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