Elderly, Ill, Pregnant Israelis Struggled to Reach Shelters as Rockets Hit


rocket-from-gazaBy Dave Bender

With close to 1,000 rocket strikes in six days, elderly, hospitalized, bedridden, and pregnant Israelis are finding it hard – if not impossible – to reach shelter in time – 15 seconds up to 40 kilometers from Gaza.

Even the outside edge of 90 seconds warning at furthest rocket range can be an impossible goal to reach in time when you are old, and using a walker, as seen in this video clip:

In Beersheba on Monday, paramedics treated an 81-year-old man, who fell and hit his head running for shelter as sirens wailed of an incoming volley of at least two rockets fired out of Gaza.

On Friday, a disabled man sustained severe burns trying to get out of his car and to shelter when a rocket slammed down on a tanker truck at a gas station near coastal Ashdod.

A day earlier, Ahava Emunah Lange, who is undergoing chemotherapy at a Jerusalem hospital told The Algemeiner after one rocket siren that, “It felt very wrong to just leave all the bedridden oncology patients lying in their rooms while mobile patients, like me, ran for the protected area during the missile attack just now… It’s bizarre that running for shelter and hearing explosions has become normal. This is Jerusalem!”

Several hospitals within rocket range have moved their obstetrics and maternity wards underground to bomb shelters, among them Soroka in Beersheba, and Barzalai in Ashkelon, near Gaza.

Watch a video of elderly and wheelchair-bound Israelis trying to make it to a bomb shelter before and after rockets slam down HERE.

The Algemeiner Journal

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  1. We as Jews must pray to hashem and relay only on the Torah. If we start to think that “our Army” is strong etc. thats called in the torah. ?????? ???? ????? ??? which is wrong.


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