Eights Nights, 16,000 Lights


oorah[Click here to win free tickets to Israel from Oorah.] Oorah is spending Kislev by spreading the light. Literally. This week, Oorah’s staff was joined by a busload of volunteers from Ilan High School who assembled 2,000 special Chanukah packages for Oorah’s kiruv families.

The holiday packages from Oorah contain everything that a family will need to bring in the Festival of Light with simcha-not just candles and a Chanukiah, but also a booklet on how to celebrate the holiday (replete with bruchos, Chanukah zimiros and recipes), a children’s Chanukah book, driedels and rolls of pennies…even a collection of cups, plates and utensils for making your own Chanukah party.

“Everyone loves presents,” said Yehudah Meth, Director of Communications for Oorah. “There’s nothing more encouraging to a kiruv family than a huge package containing everything they need to celebrate the holiday. They feel cared about-and they are-and this adds to the genuine achdus of the festival. Chanukah is all about spreading light and if the phone calls we receive afterwards are any indication, these packages certainly do the trick.”

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. BIG deal every lubavitcher yeshivah gives out ten times that amount of Chanukah packages for the past 40/45 years

    -its about time you guys are catching on, soon you’ll pick up on chassidus as well give it some time!

  2. um isnt the right thing to say here like “thts amazin” or somethin.? its nice and all that they give 10Xs but its really no race here…


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