Donald Trump Says He’s Worth $7 Billion, Not Ruling Out Running for Prez


trumpDonald Trump, who has never had much interest in disclosing specifics about his wealth, pulls back the curtain a bit in his new book “Time to Get Tough,” in which he also says he’s still open to a run for president.

Trump says he would run as a third-party hopeful if the GOP picks “the wrong candidate,” according to Fox News, which saw portions of the book.

His claims about his wealth have been disputed in the past, usually by Forbes Magazine, and he’s always insisted he’s worth more.

Via Fox News, Trump claims he started the financial disclosure process – which many people at the time said he’d never actually submit to – for a potential presidential run. And his claims suggest he would have money to fund a run if he decided to go ahead:

“I was so close (to running) that I had already prepared the Public Financial Disclosure Report required of a presidential candidate. That’s a big deal because the Trump Organization is a private company, and people don’t know what I’m really worth. So, I had the independent firm Predictive, which is used by government agencies and top companies like GM, Visa, Pfizer, and others, prepare valuations on branding, and we filled out the other areas of the long and complex presidential Public Financial Disclosure Report.”

He shares three pages from the disclosure in the book.

Here’s a summary of those pages:

*Trump’s Net Worth: $7,004,900,000.

$3 Billion of that is from what is estimated as “Brand Value” – “The Trump Brand Value has been established by Predictive, the highly respected brand valuation company, measuring the financial impact of intangibles such as brand, strategy execution, innovation, and post-merger integration. Other Predictive Clients include: Visa, Southwest Air, Pfizer, GM, UPS, and Major League Baseball.”

*According to this disclosure statement – Trump has $270,300,000 Cash and Marketable Securities on hand.

*Real Estate owned 100% by Trump – more than $3.2 Billion dollars worth.

*Real Estate partially owned by Trump – more than $900,000,000.

{Politico/ Newscenter}


  1. If he doesn’t want Obama to get reelected, the worst thing he can do is run as a third party candidate. But I don’t expect such a simple analysis from such an egotistical dope.


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