Doctor Saves Man’s Life on Facebook


facebookA fast-acting doctor has saved his former classmate’s life by diagnosing his stomach pains as a serious problem with his appendix – on Facebook.

Swansea Hospital surgeon, Rahul Velineni, 30, was waiting to perform an operation when he spotted the mobile Facebook status update from ex-classmate Peter Ball who lives in Cheshire.

Dr Velineni responded to his ex-school friend, who thought he had just strained a muscle, warning him that it could be a case of possible appendicitis and suggested he get it checked out immediately.

Dr Velineni, who hasn’t been in touch with Peter Ball for years reportedly sent a message, saying: “Sounds bad. Call me ASAP. You may have appendicitis.”

Speaking to Yahoo! News yesterday, Dr Velineni said: “I was at work before waiting to go into an operation. I was playing on my phone, updating Facebook, when he posted it. There were subtle clues in his post like the way he described the pain to me was a classic story of appendicitis. He thought it was a muscle strain – but it turned out to be a perforated appendix which is quite serious when left. It is hard to diagnose but I don’t recommend the Internet for making proper diagnosis.”

His appendix was removed in an emergency operation in Macclesfield before it ruptured.

The recovering appendicitis patient told The Sun yesterday: “We hadn’t seen each other for ages. I owe him a drink. The doctors said it was bad, and shouldn’t have been left for much longer.”

Dr Velineni added: “It’s a funny way to get back in touch, that’s for sure.”

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