Diluting Kedem Grape Juice


kedem-grape-juiceThe following information related to Kedem “Light” Grape Juice and Kedem “Regular” Grape Juice has been supplied by its rav hamachshir:

Kedem “Light” Grape Juice may not be further diluted. Kedem Regular-Concord Grape Juice may be diluted up to one-third with water. Kedem Regular Muskat may be diluted less than one-third. but it is unclear as to how much less than one-third would be permissible. The rav hamachshir expressed his opinion that it would be preferable not to use diluted grape juice (which includes the already “Light,” as diluted) for the seder – as diluted grape juice does not possess as strong a “grape” taste.

{Matzav.com Newscenter/Hakhel Bulletin}


  1. And, for diabetics, it is a potential piku’ach nefesh issue.

    As always, one should contact one’s local Orthodox Rov for an individual p’sak.

  2. We don’t use the “Light” grape juice, but the regular, and find that it is diluted too. Looks like we’ll have to find another juice as this one isn’t good any more.

  3. Thank you for the information. Could you please elaborate. What does “up to one-third with water” mean?
    If I understood correctly, Kedem told me that the concord grape juice could be diluted 3 parts water to one part grape juice. Does that coincide with your information?
    Thank you.


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