Digital Barcode To Fight Chometz In Israel


shefa_shukIsrael’s Chief Rabbi Rav Yonah Metzger unveiled the Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s new advanced project last week at the world conference for rabbonim and community leaders from 33 different countries.

“Over the years we have come up against many problems with the kashrus of Pesach,” the chief rabbi said. “The grocery stores and supermarket networks cover the shelves holding the chometzdike products and are then certified kosher for Pesach. However, at times irreligious people take products from the covered shelves and the cashiers don’t usually notice.”

The Chief Rabbinate came up with a creative and efficient solution: The barcode of products which are not kosher for Pesach are registered on the supermarket’s main computer as products which are not for sale, and thus, when a customer tries to buy a product defined as chometz, the computer does not allow the sale.

Rav Metzger spoke about the new project while greeting the 150 rabbonim from Chutz Laaretz who arrived in Israel to participate in the conference organized by the Department for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora.

Another new product was presented at the conference: No longer do rabbonim and emissaries to the Diaspora have to cart around books and educational material. The Department for Religious Affairs in the Diaspora headed by Rabbi Yechiel Wasserman has created a new innovation: an 8-gigabyte disk on key containing hundreds of educational short films in various languages, educational activities, slide shows and more.

This not only saves hundreds of Jewish communities around the world paper and postage fees, it has also been specially developed to meet the needs of Jewish youth in the Diaspora.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}



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