Detective Agency To Inspect Israeli Yeshivos


The Israeli Education Ministry has hired the A. Chaimowitz Investigative Company of Ramat Gan for a year at the cost of 358,000 shekels to scrutinize Israel’s educational institutions, including yeshivos, for fraud. The company’s duties include examining the financial activities and assets of institutions and their staffs and ascertaining that not a cent of government funding is siphoned off for private or unauthorized use.

Other activities of the detective agency include verifying that student are actually studying at the places where they are registered and that institutions are not padding the prices of textbooks to garner illicit profits.

General Secretary of the Teachers’ Union Yossi Wasserman protested the new policy. He attacked the Education Ministry for operating under the assumption that directors and teachers are thieves whose objective is to cheat the system and threatened, “Unless there is a clarification which satisfies us, we will announce a labor dispute.”

The ministry wrote in reply that the hiring of a detective agency was an old policy in new clothing.

“The Ministry has maintained ongoing investigations of a number of issues for years and even broadened the inspection to include additional matters in the past few years…,” the ministry said.

“Throughout the years, these inspections were carried out by various bodies… Eight months ago, we decided to issue a tender and concentrate the inspections implemented by the various bodies under one organization.”

David Steger – Israel



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