Deri Slams Anti-Sefardi Discrimination


Shas leader Aryeh Deri demanded the dismissal of a sales representative after Yedi’ot Acharanot publicized that he told someone who inquired about four new buildings going up in Yerushalayim’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood that Sefardi residents would be a minority in the complex.

“I expect the owners of the project to immediately dismiss the representative who spoke discriminatingly and promised buildings almost free of Sefardim,” Deri said. “If he is not dismissed, I will contact Finance Minister Moshe Kachlon, director of the Israel Lands Administration, and demand severe legal measures against the developers for illegal and severe discrimination. There will be no discrimination and I will fight it everywhere.”

The developers of the project told Deri that they would break contact with the offending sales office.

{ Israel}


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