Deri: Holocaust Remembrance Day Doesn’t Apply To Chareidim


deriDuring the week between Holocaust Memorial Day and Remembrance Day for Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism, Israel’s chareidi public often debates the sanctity that secular Israelis assign to these national days of remembrance.

“Holocaust Remembrance Day does not apply to chareidi Jews,” Shas party Co-chairman Aryeh Deri said in an interview with radio station Kol Barama that aired tonight.

“Personally, I don’t see any sanctity or distinctiveness in this day. Israel’s Chief Rabbinate has designated the 10th of Teves as a general mourners’ day, and that is they day when, religiously speaking, we remember the victims of the Holocaust. Then came the state, the secular authorities, and decided that Holocaust Remembrance Day would be in the month of Nisan, and we all know that you don’t mourn during the month of Nisan [March-April] and that there are special rules on the issue in Jewish law.”

Deri said the Nissan date had been chosen because it the date on which the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began 70 years ago. Deri argued that the anniversary of the uprising should not serve as the general day of remembrance, because many had been killed in the uprising.

“Some 200 to 300 young people launched the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and in other ghettos there were more survivors. Is the grandmother who survived in Lodz worth less than those 200 individuals who launched the uprising?” Deri said.

The Shas leader also addressed the controversy surrounding a group of chareidi Jews who were photographed having a barbecue on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“No one can come and tell us about the Holocaust. The Holocaust Remembrance Day that ‘they’ declared because of the Warsaw ghetto doesn’t apply to us as charedi Jews,” he said.


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  1. Very insensitive from Deri, considering the fact that he is a Sefardi/Edot Mizrach and his family was spared the Holocaust.

    A little common sense


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