Degel HaTorah Meeting Focuses On Chareidi Housing Shortage


yerushalayim-apartmentA recent Degel HaTorah board meeting in Yerushalayim focused on the housing crisis in the chareidi sector and ways to significantly alleviate the strain on young couples trying to purchase an apartment. Board member Eliyohu Weinman opened the meeting, thanking the MKs in attendance for coming and praising their wide-ranging efforts for the sake of the chareidi sector in the process of approving the state budget. Speaking for the board, he also offered congratulations to Rabbi Menachem Carmel, who was appointed deputy secretary of the faction and chairman of the housing committee.

R’ Weinman said the number of committee members should be increased, drawing on the Yerushalayim branch in particular, since its members have a wealth of experience in the area of housing.

The Degel HaTorah Housing Committee has set a goal of initiating and implementing housing solutions around the country, particularly for young couples, and toward that end has scheduled a detailed meeting with the board in Yerushalayim in order to closely examine the various needs and ways to implement them quickly and efficiently.

Rabbi Carmel reported on the composition of the committee, which includes members with vast experience in housing, as well as members who represent the needs of the public in different population groups around the country. He spoke about the current housing situation, mentioning the recent economic fluctuations and their impact on housing.

He also described the Housing Ministry’s and the Land Administration’s handling of tenders, un-freezing of land and infrastructures development in several locations throughout Eretz Yisroel, and surveyed a number of master plans around the country, especially in Yerushalayim.

{Deiah veDibur/ Newscenter}



  1. One solution might be to provide rental housing for young couples recently married or with only a few children. This would give the market in permanent housing a chance to catch up to population growth. It would also ease the burden on parents who currently have to come up with astronomical sums to buy an apartment so they can marry their children off.

    Another possibility is that the major Yeshivos (Brisk, Mir, etc.) could establish satellite yeshivos in smaller towns (or even new ones, like Telshe Stone has done) where young people could move instead of trying to stay in Yerushalayim or Bnei Brak. These could provide a healthy Torah atmosphere in other areas – even the Negev and the Galil, where we need more Jewish settlement.


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