Deepest Thanks: Child Life Society Sponsors Mega Matzav Worldwide Webcast


child-life-society[Donate link below.] Last night, Child Life Society sponsored the Carlebach webcast with Jewish music sensation Shua Kessin, special guest  Moshe Hecht and the renowned M’zamrim choir, led by Chilu Posen

Our deepest thanks to Child Life Society for ensuring that the event would be a smashing success. The work of Child Life Society speaks for itself. We encourage all readers to take a moment and join the wonderful efforts of Child Life Society.

Child Life Society was created to help make life for Jewish children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) normal and enjoyable. CF is a degenerative, genetic disease that significantly afflicts Jewish families more than other ethnic groups. Children with CF suffer lifelong breathing difficulties due to the constant, heavy buildup of thick mucus in their lungs. There is no present cure. Child Life Society provides desperately needed funds to pay for medical equipment, vitamins and food supplements, home care assistance, therapeutic respite, and emotional support. Their work is literally lifesaving.

To join Child Life Society’s wonderful work, click here to donate in whatever amount you are able.

{Noam Newscenter}



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