De-Radicalization Expert Claims It’s Possible to De-radicalize Violent Muslim Extremists


A German scholar testified this week that it’s possible to de-radicalize violent Muslim extremists using the same techniques developed in Europe to help neo-Nazis break with their pasts, ABC News reports.

Daniel Koehler appeared before U.S. District Judge Michael Davis in Minneapolis, who in November will sentence nine Minnesota men who were convicted of plotting to join Islamic State.

Koehler, who directs the German Institute on Radicalization and De-radicalization Studies in Stuttgart, said the U.S. doesn’t currently have any de-radicalization programs like those in Europe and Canada.



  1. Who would know. Minding the photo of a very young mind, university thought perhaps but life may imply he has no idea, study or knowledge of real fate.

    Finding this to finance would be hard. The terror is endemic and it will take military action in most thoughts.

    Its scary.

  2. Perhaps the neonazis who were (perhaps) helped break free from their ideology, can set up and finance those centers to deradicalize the violent muslim extremists. The taxpayers have already their hands full and their wallets empty.


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