Danish Medical Association Call Bris Milah ‘Ethically Unacceptable’


Circumcising a boy before they reach an age where they can decide for themselves is “ethically unacceptable,” doctors in Denmark have said, the International Business Times reports. The Danish Medical Association made the recommendation, stressing that the procedure should be “an informed, personal choice,” and warning against possible complications.

A press release said that only when there is an express medical need should a circumcision be performed on boys under the age of 18. “To be circumcised should be an informed, personal choice,” Lise Møller, the chairwoman of the doctors’ association’s ethics board, said. “It is most consistent with the individual’s right to self-determination that parents not be allowed to make this decision but that it is left up to the individual when he has come of age.”

The Medical Association further commented that it weighed the benefits of calling for an outright ban on circumcising boys before they come of age. However, the organization stated that there are too many unknowns at this stage and urged for decisions to be undertaken in conjunction with religious groups. Read more at International Business Times.




  1. With this logic, no parent should be allowed to piece their daughters ears, fix a minor clif, minor ear deformation or alter any other minor, non medically needed procedures.

  2. So to KILL a fetus 2 minutes before birth is allowed because it’s “part of ” the mother so what happens a few days later ?!

  3. Yet, the same groups are pro surgical and hormonal treatment for the insane minors who wish to change their male or female status.

  4. Who died and made them GD. After how many thousand years of the religious procedure and medicine has proven that circumcision is good for the male at that age and it prevents many diseases, now this Jew hating country is now going against Torah and medicine. Maybe they should worry about their own citizens, for I heard there is more murder now in their country because of their new guests.

  5. Is this the same country, which the king ordered everyone (Jews & non Jews alike ) to wear yellow stars; so the Nazis couldn’t tell the deference thereby saving the Jews!?

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