Dangerous Youth in Bnei Brak Vandalize, Are Mevazeh Paroches and Taleisim in Shul


bnei-brakVandals in Bnei Brak torched a shul, slashed tires on approximately 30 vehicles, and burned a woodwork shop between Friday and Motzoei Shabbos. They tore down the paroches in the Chevron shul on Rechov Bar Illan and slept under it, while utilizing the taleisim as sheets. The set fire to siddurim and did additional damage to shul property.

It has become more frequent for incidents of vandalism to take place in Bnei Brak, with many residents describing the frightening atmosphere in certain areas at night. Young teenagers have harassed and assaulted chareidim.

Many of teens are beyond at-risk, having rejected religion for the street life. “They have left behind their mishpachos – good, upstanding families, and have resorted to drugs, frivolity and wild conduct to fill their time. It is a sad, sad state of affairs,” said one Bnei Brak resident.

The local Bnei Brak police have not sufficiently reined in these youth, with residents stating that more has to be done to protect the local citizenry.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Perhaps you could do us all a public service and examine what it is with their bnei brak chinuch that drove them away and turned sweet lovley children into such monsters. Instead of us always copying the latest Bnei Brak bans, we ought to wake up before its too late here.

  2. Teenagers need physical outlets and tons of them. What can these young adults do for FUN when they want to unwind….

  3. This is one-in-a-million. That is why it is news. But don’t forget about the thousands who are a pleasure to their family. This is really one in a million.

  4. Eli, its just your type of attitude that causes kids to go off. The bans are created for our benefit. The Rabbanim have created bans for years. Thats what miderabanan means. We, Bnei Brak and Lakewood, have to stop keeping them around. Send them out of town, before its too late.

  5. Anon & Lakewooder–you are off base completely.
    One in a million this is not, check out the #’s in bnei brak and you can come to your own conclusion.
    These youths are calling out for help, the ‘lakewooder’ has the solution to expel the rifraf without questions. Quite a strong adheret to ‘AHAVAS YISROEL’.. I suppose after the Police bash a few skulls all will be well.

  6. I guess your right. Just let these troubled kids do whatever they want! Let’s keep apologizing to them. It’s all our fault. They are true role models! Ahh!
    What FOOLS!!!

  7. the difference between bnei barak and other places is that bnei barak a person who works is treif. they would not want there kid in the school of a kid whose father works [ i am not exaggerating ] so if a boy is not doing good in learning he has no other outlet other than to hang on the streets. mah shein kein other places have special yeshivos to deal with them or they could go work


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