Cuomo, Bloomberg At Odds Over Fingerprinting Food Stamp Recipients



New York – Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to get rid of the requirement to fingerprint food stamp recipients and that is getting a big thumbs down from Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg says there’s no stigma to being fingerprinted, citing the fact that New York City has 330,000 employees and almost all of them get fingerprinted.

“It’s also true there are allegations it slows down the process and all that sort of stuff. The percentage of people who are eligible for food stamps who actually receive the food stamps is greater in New York City where we have fingerprints than in the rest of the state where they don’t take fingerprints,” said Bloomberg on Thursday.

The mayor said using fingerprints, the city caught 1,900 people fraudulently trying to get food stamps last year.

{CBS Local/ Newscenter}


  1. Got to agree with Coumo on this one. I have a problem every time I have to renew my food stamps app. My fingerprints don’t register according to their liking & it gets rejected each time. A supervisor has to be called each time wasting an entire day just because of the stupid fingerprinting!


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