Cuomo Believes NY Legislature Could Pass Same Gender Marriage This Year


andrew-cuomoNY Gov. Andrew Cuomo, closely allied with the Senate Republican majority that once blocked same gender marriage, said Tuesday he’s now optimistic it will be legalized in New York.

“I know it’s failed before, but I think this is a different day,” Cuomo said. “I’ll bring more urgency in the next few weeks.”

The Democrat says he believes the Senate will produce the 32 votes needed for passage in the six weeks remaining in the legislative session. The GOP majority in the Senate has strongly supported Cuomo’s fiscal platform, including cutting state spending, a 2-percent cap in the growth of property taxes and rejection of tax increases. Now Cuomo needs help to pass one of his highest priority policy goals.

Cuomo said talks with legislative leaders as well as the rising public poll numbers for same-gender marriage are among his reasons for optimism. He is also spearheading a new, concerted effort by advocates for same-gender marriage.

The Senate’s Republican majority plans to discuss the in a closed-door conference, after which the measure could go to a floor vote, said GOP majority spokesman Scott Reif. Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos has said his members are free to vote their conscience, even though the Republicans usually vote in a bloc.

Both sides are girding for a showdown after the bill’s surprising defeat in 2009.

More than 700 Protestant and other religious clergy members endorsed same-gender marriage Tuesday through the Empire State Pride Agenda advocacy group, an attempt to blunt the opposition by Catholic leaders, Orthodox Jewish leaders, and conservative Protestant ministers. A rally in support of legalization of same-gender marriage is planned for next week.

On the other side, Democratic Sen. Ruben Diaz, a minister, plans a May 15 rally in the Bronx for what he says is defense of traditional marriage between a man and woman.

Diaz, a Democrat, said he will remain a voice opposed to the measure in the Senate. In 2009, the bill that had passed in the Democrat-led Assembly failed by eight votes in the Senate which Democrats then held by a 32-30 majority. Republicans have since regained the majority, and two of the Republican senators who opposed the measure are no longer office, with some others hinting they may change their vote. In 2009, Democrats failed to muster even all 32 of their members to approve the bill, losing one of their top policy priorities.

“Whoever comes to this rally will be there because they support the growing movement in New York to protect marriage and to oppose proposals to redefine the definition of marriage to include same-gender marriage,” Diaz said.

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  1. Don’t get fooled by these false headlines! The Senate is NOT close to passing this obamination! King Coumo wan’ts you to believe it so you should throw your hands up & give up. Every Yid must call/write to his Senator to apply pressure NOT to pass this Obamination! The question is: what’s going on with Carl Kruger who despite being a Democrat, B”H voted against this Haschasa last time around? He’s been indicted. Can he still vote? Everyone should remember how Lord Mike Bloomberg’s minions told us during his last illegal election, that he was so far ahead in the polls over Bill Thompson. It turned out to be a big cover up by his freinds in the media as Thompson lost by mamesh a few points! Who knows how many people stayed away from voting, thinking that Thompson had no chance what so ever! So this stunt by King Coumo’s PR “experts” shouldn’t fool anyone! Now it would be nice if Agudath Israel of America would come come out in a forcefull way and denounce this attempt by the Governor & show some Kvod Shomayim!


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