Cuomo Announces Plan to Combat Hate Crimes After Trump Win


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Sunday announced a plan to combat the spate of hate crimes that erupted across the country after Donald Trump won the presidential election.

“The ugly political discourse of the election did not end on Election Day,” Cuomo said at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City. “In many ways it has gotten worse, (growing) into a social crisis that now challenges our identity as a state and as a nation and our people,” he said.

As part of a wide-ranging initiative, Cuomo said, the state police will soon have a special unit devoted to hate crimes, legislation will be proposed to increase protections against discrimination for public school students and a private-public legal defense fund for impoverished immigrants will be set up. Cuomo’s announcement comes after reports of hundreds of ugly racist incidents across the country after the election. Read more here.



  1. So the great Cuomo is taking time out from his self-enrichment to combat a made-up problem. The hate is nearly always directed AT the Trump supporters, as even he should know.

  2. This is a very dangerous precedent. We already have so called “hate crimes” laws on the books. We know that it is constantly being abused by the self proclaimed Thought Police. These laws never ever apply to Liberals or minorities. As if they never do hate crimes. It’s only applied to evil white racist Republicans with moral opinions.
    It’s the same thing with gun laws/restrictions. We already have tough laws on the books but no one follows them. What is the point of Obama & his ilk introducing new laws?
    Same thing with immigration. Etc, etc…..
    We have a country where the laws are not followed and are a total joke. We are the laughing stock of the world.
    Holder and Lynch have worked for 8 years straight to make sure hate crimes/thought police will divide our nation. They have succeeded more than they even imagined.
    This is what the Governor is worried about?!


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