Cruz Says He’s Considering VP Options As He Praises Rubio


Ted Cruz said Wednesday night that he has started looking at possible vice presidential running mates, and that it would be a mistake not to consider former rival Marco Rubio for that slot.

Speaking at a CNN televised town hall, Cruz heaped praise on Rubio, saying the Florida senator’s campaign “inspired” him and that he considers Rubio “a friend.”

“Anyone would naturally look at Marco as one of the people who would be a terrific person to consider for VP and we’re in the process now of considering a number of different options,” Cruz told Anderson Cooper.

He added: “He would be someone that you would be a fool not to look at seriously.”

Cruz and Rubio clashed sharply for months as bitter foes in the Republican primary. The Texas senator routinely assailed Rubio’s position on immigration, including his past support for comprehensive reform and his continued belief in a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Rubio accused Cruz of misrepresenting his own positions on immigration and national security.

The Florida senator ended his campaign after losing his home state on March 15.

Cruz said Wednesday that the back and forth was all part of the normal campaign process and he has harbored no ill will toward his Senate colleague. Cruz seemed to be going out of his way to laud Rubio, even sharing a personal story that he said reflected Rubio’s strong sense of humor.

Rubio has yet to endorse Cruz and many of his supporters have yet to warm up to the Texas senator. Sen, Mike Lee, R-Utah, a Cruz backer, said last week he was trying to get Rubio to back the Texan.

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  1. It would be a great ticket. This would in my view help Cruz get the nomination more then anything and Cruz knows it.

  2. agreed- rubio is a great guy, and I am sorry he is not still in the race. Cruz is my second choice- voted for Cruz in the Wisconsin primary- and after hearing his father’s speach on Israel, would vote for him without hesitating. Adding Rubio to his ticket sweetens the deal nicely.


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