cRc Top Ten Questions for July 2013


crcChicago Rabbinical Council,

Q: Does flavored beer need a hechsher?

A: Yes, flavored beer requires a hechsher.

Q: I recently acquired a basting brush whose bristles are made with pig hair. Are there any kashrus concerns?

A: No, there are no restrictions on using pig hair, and the basting brush may be used.

Q: Does brown sugar need a hechsher?

A: In general, sugar, in all its forms (brown, granulated, powdered etc.) does not need a hechsher.  Some sugar does, however, require certification for Pesach.

Q: Do I need to buy cranberry juice with a reliable kosher certification?

A: Juices can be pasteurized while hot in the same pasteurizer used for non-kosher products, such as grape juice, and therefore juices must bear a reliable kosher symbol.

Q: Does salt need a hechsher?

A Salt that contains no kosher sensitive ingredients does not need a hechsher. Some common ingredients that do not pose a kashrus concern are Calcium Silicate, Dextrose and Potassium Iodide.

Q: If the cRc policy is that black coffee may be purchased at any Dunkin Donuts, why does the cRc not recommend the iced coffee?

A: The Iced Coffee at Dunkin Donuts is actually produced from an iced coffee mix and therefore requires hashgacha.

Q: Recently there was a concern about worms and bugs in barley. Is there still such a concern?

A: Our research has shown that currently there is no infestation problem with barley. However, as with any grain, it is prudent to wash the barley and make a cursory inspection to rule out the presence of insects.

Q: This month we visited our local 7-Eleven and when examining the cRc Slurpee list I noticed some are listed as dairy.  Do these flavors contain milk?

A: In order to freeze correctly, some diet Slurpees use a sugar known as Tagatose which comes from whey, making the sugar dairy.

Q: Do pumpkin seeds need a hechsher?

A: Raw or dry roasted pumpkin seeds do not need a hechsher. Pumpkin seeds that are oil roasted  or contain additional flavors do require a hechsher.

Q: Some fruit stores sell corn that has been shucked and trimmed. Can one purchase such items?

A: Yes, one may purchase shucked and trimmed corn from a fruit store.

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