Cottage Cheese Boycott in Israel Expanded to Other Dairy Products


cheeseThe organizers of the cottage cheese boycott in Israel, headed by Yitzchak Alrov, are calling to expand the boycott, a day after it was learned that the government committee to examine the rise in food prices will only submit its conclusions in four months. At a special press conference today, the boycott organizers said that the Facebook campaign has more than 100,000 friends, and that government and dairy producers are trying to weaken the public protest.

The organizers called on the public to expand the boycott from cottage cheese to include dairy delicacies, whose prices are particularly high. If dairy products do not come down, the boycott organizers will reportedly call for separate boycotts of each dairy producer – Tnuva Food Industries Ltd., Strauss Group Ltd. and Tara Dairies – each month.

{Globes/ Newscenter}


  1. 2 thumbs up to Yitzchak Alrov. The government can force us to pay taxes, but no one can force a person to buy a product. The consumer always had this power. The boycott has to last a long time for it truly be effective. Because Pepsi boycotted Israel back 30 + years ago, I haven’t had a Pepsi in my house since. WE DO HAVE THE POWER, if WE ARE UNITED!


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