Costa Rica Elects First Jewish VP


luis-liebermanAlong with their country’s first female President elect, Costa Ricans will now have a Jewish VP as well. Luis Lieberman, a former banker and well known financier, is to become the country’s first Jewish VP. He ran with Laura Chinchilla, a social conservative, who won the elections on Sunday.The son of Polish immigrants and grandson of Costa Rica’s first mohel, Lieberman is a close friend of Chabad’s Rabbi Hershel Spalter of San Jose.

“He was our very first supporter,” Rabbi Spalter, in Costa Rica since 1989, told Spalter maintains a warm friendship with Lieberman, a traditional Jew, who in fact, “celebrated his own grandson’s bris on election day.”

Though many Jews have served in government in Costa Rica, it is the first time a Jew will occupy this position.

Spalter is confident that Lieberman will be a credit to his country’s Jewish community (population 3,000).

“I hope to make the Jewish community proud,” Lieberman told Rabbi Spalter when he was nominated for VP.



  1. Actually, he’s not the first Jew to be a VP in Costa Rica. In 1994 Mrs. Rebeca Greenspan was the first Jew to be a VP in Costa Rica.


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