Congress Braces for Round Two of Iran Fight


congressThe U.S. Senate is heading toward round two in the fight over the Iran nuclear deal. Senators are considering extending a package of sanctions against Tehran set to expire next year, The Hill reports.

The timing could potentially put the administration in the awkward position of trying to lift sanctions against Iran just as lawmakers try to extend them.

Supporters of extending the sanctions law say it’s needed so the administration, or future administrations, has the ability to “snap back” sanctions into place if Iran violates the nuclear deal. They argue that a pair of recent missile tests underscores the worry that Iran will try to cheat on the nuclear agreement.

But any effort to renew the legislation would likely get pushback from the Obama administration – and some of its staunchest allies in Congress – over concerns that any new sanctions could be considered by Iran to be a violation of the agreement.

{Andy Newscenter}


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