Congregation Ahavas Torah in Eugene, Oregon, Hires New Rov


congregation-ahavas-torah-in-eugene-oregonCongregation Ahavas Torah in Eugene, Oregon, has hired a new rov. Rabbi Yaakov Moshe and Mrs. Tehilla Derfler and family have recently moved from Yerushalayim to assume leadership of the shul and community. Rabbi Derfler is a talmid of Rav Daniel Yaakov Travis in Yerushalayim. Mrs. Derfler is a native of Eugene who is returning to her hometown.

Ahavas Torah and the Eugene community have grown in recent years, under the leadership of Torah Umesorah, and with great involvement of the Seattle Kollel and its branch, the Portland Kollel.

As the only Orthodox minyan in Oregon outside of Portland, Ahavas Torah serves a very important need. Over the past several years, Rabbi Zalman Krems of the Portland Kollel has served as acting rabbi. He has traveled from Portland to Eugene twice weekly, to deliver shiurim, as well as for each Shabbos to lead the davening and krias haTorah. Under this leadership, the community has grown sufficiently to support a full-time rov.

{Dovid Newscenter}


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