Collecting The Deceased On Shabbos


Until now, no public organization has been available to collect corpses from people’s homes on Shabbos in Israel, which often led to the fleecing of grieving families by private companies. To emend the situation, the Chief Rabbinate, the Chevra Kaddisha Forum, National Insurance Institute and Religious Services Ministry decided to allow the chevra kaddisha to collect corpses on Shabbos with non-Jewish employees.

“It happens every week,” a chevra kaddisha official told Israel Hayom. “The chevra kaddisha was unavailable, so people would look for the [company] with the best ad, and at the end of the process would suddenly get a bill for thousands of shekels for something provided free by the government. We’re solving a sixty-year-old problem that repeats itself every weekend.”

The service will initially be available in Carmiel, Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva.

{ Israel News Bureau}


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